“Nigeria’s Future in the Hands of its Youth”: New Documentary by British-Ugandan Filmmaker Norman Busigu

British-Ugandan filmmaker Norman Busigu has teamed up with Jendaya, a leading luxury e-commerce platform, and Nigerian-based production company, The Milade Films, to create a gripping documentary exploring the role of Nigeria’s youth in the nation’s future. Titled “Nigeria: Can its Youth Shape its Future?”, the film stems from Busigu’s journey from London to Lagos in July 2023. The documentary seeks to encapsulate the present state of Nigeria, with a keen focus on the potential future that the youth may help to shape.

The film delves into Nigeria’s socio-political and socio-economic landscapes and the arts, particularly music and visual arts. Busigu believes these three elements play a critical role in understanding the youth’s potential for shaping Nigeria’s future. He conducted comprehensive interviews with Nigerians in various sectors, including Solape Hammond, the former Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Special Development Goals and Investments, and three young Lagosians involved in the ENDSARS protests.

The documentary examines the potential of Nigeria’s youth to inspire change following the ENDSARS protests, and explores the country’s role as a potential leader in Africa’s new political era. It also showcases the power of arts as a vehicle for Afrocentric expression and liberation in Nigeria’s modern history, from Fela Kuti to Burna Boy. To illustrate this, Busigu visited the New Afrika Shrine in Ikeja and the Nike Art Gallery in Lekki.

The film features exclusive footage of the ENDSARS protests, an inside look at Norman’s studio interview at Channels TV, and rich visuals of everyday life in Lagos. It also highlights the efforts to preserve the local ecosystem at the Lekki Conservation Centre. The documentary, which is an official partnership with Jendaya, includes an original soundtrack by British-Nigerian artist Kvngs and is currently in its final post-production phase, with an expected release in 2024.

This project is the second in Busigu’s portfolio of films, following his award-nominated documentary “Ghana: Africa’s Exciting Entry Point?” which explored the surge in Ghana’s tourism. Busigu’s career includes his role as an international news correspondent for BEN Televisions, and as a model, featuring in ELLE during London Fashion Week AW2020 and walking for premium Nigerian designer, David Wej.

Busigu aims to shift perceptions of Africa, debunking misplaced narratives and showcasing the continent positively. His long-term ambition involves crafting a series of high-value documentaries highlighting Africa’s beauty, stories, and truths.


IMAGE: London Runway

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