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Nigeria’s Clean Energy Revolution: FG Invests in Homegrown Electric Vehicles

Nigeria is embracing a greener future as Jet Motors, a local tech firm, delivers domestically produced electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure to the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC). This development is part of the Nigerian government’s strategy to curb carbon emissions and build a more efficient transportation sector following the end of the fuel subsidy regime.

Jet Motors is a brainchild of Chidi Ajaere, the Chairman of GIG Group, and was established in 2018. The recent delivery of their electric vehicles to the NADDC is seen as a significant milestone for the company. In a statement, Jet Motors expressed their satisfaction in the government’s recognition of the potential of electric vehicle alternatives in the wake of the removal of petrol subsidies.

Jet Motors stated,

“It is highly satisfying that the government, via the NADDC, is beginning to recognize the potential of alternatives to petrol-powered vehicles, particularly in the context of petrol subsidy removal.” The company further noted, “Beyond the present, electric vehicles represent the future of transportation in Nigeria, Africa, and the globe. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovative disruption in African mobility.”

The NADDC has played a key role in promoting local content and creating an enabling environment for local auto companies to develop mobility solutions for Nigeria and beyond.

Jelani Aliyu, Director-General of NADDC, reaffirmed the council’s commitment to sustainable mobility in Nigeria and noted that the Paris Agreement serves as a roadmap towards achieving net zero emissions. The Council is determined to support local content in its mission to transform Nigeria’s mobility sector and foster a vibrant local auto industry through policy and intervention.

This news comes alongside the Nigerian government’s declaration of its intention to begin the development of electric vehicles as part of its Automotive Policy. Evelyn Ngige, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment, confirmed this plan during the validation of the Draft National Action Plan for the development of EVs in Nigeria.

In other related developments, Ingrace Motors, another local vehicle manufacturer, received commendation from the Enugu state government for promoting indigenous vehicle production in Nigeria. Chinedu Onu, the CEO of Ingrace, recently showcased the company’s range of vehicles and donated a unit to the Enugu state government for quality, flexibility, and strength evaluation.


IMAGE: Twitter:@Jetmotorscompany

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