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Nigerian Stowaways Rescued from Ships in Brazil, Canary Islands

Nigerian stowaways have been rescued from ships in Brazil and the Canary Islands, highlighting the dangers faced by migrants attempting to reach new destinations. In Brazil, a Liberia-flagged ship that set sail from Lagos, Nigeria, was found to have four stowaways who had spent 13 harrowing days concealed in a compartment on top of the rudder. Although the rescued men claimed to be Nigerians, they lacked documentation to confirm their nationality.

According to the Brazilian federal police, upon discovering the four stowaways aboard the ship off the coast of Brazil, a police official told AFP, “The men rescued claim to be Nigerians, but they did not carry any documents confirming their origin.” This statement highlights the lack of documentation possessed by the stowaways, leaving their nationality unverified

Meanwhile, in the Canary Islands, two Nigerian migrants, aged 19 and 22, were successfully rescued after stowing away on a ship arriving from Togo. They will be returned to Togo by the ship responsible for their journey back.

The port police tweeted, “The migrants were taken to a hospital. They were later released and were transferred back to the ship, which has to return them to their port of origin.”

These incidents shed light on the ongoing risks faced by African migrants attempting to reach Europe through the perilous route of the Canary Islands, given its proximity and heavy maritime traffic in the area.


IMAGE: Marine Watch

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