Nigeria does not have a President – Aisha Yesufu

Political commentator Aisha Yesufu has reiterated her stance that Nigeria is effectively leaderless, asserting that the country is operating on autopilot without a president or functioning government. Yesufu, known for her affiliation with Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, has labeled Bola Tinubu, purportedly the incumbent president, as illegitimate due to his alleged failure to win the 2023 presidential election.

Through a series of posts on her social media account, she emphasized her belief that Nigeria lacks effective leadership, expressing concern over the nation’s downward trajectory.

Yesufu’s statements have sparked a variety of reactions across social media platforms. While some individuals aligned with opposition parties echoed her sentiments, others criticized her assertions. One user accused Yesufu of harboring excessive animosity towards the president, characterizing her actions as detrimental to the country’s welfare.

Conversely, supporters of Yesufu argue that her criticisms are warranted, contending that a government’s primary responsibility is to ensure the well-being and security of its citizens.

As Yesufu continue to echoe the thoughts of traumatized Nigerian youths, with the latter slowly showing signs of coming to terms with the harsh reality of elections and democacry, the African style, observers believe it is time Nigerians unite culturally and unconditionally against a common enemy within

IMAGE: Vanguard

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