Niger Coup Plotters warn Ecowas, others, Against Intervention amidst Tension over Nigeria’s PEPT Outcome

Niger coup plotters have warned against any intervention from ECOWAS and foreign bodies following the hostage take of President Mohamed Bazoum.

Nigerian Air Force Col. who served as the spokesperson of the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland since the 2023 Nigerien coup d’état, Colonel Amadou Abdramane, in a statement said defense and security forces had decided to put an end to the regime due to the deteriorating security situation and bad governance.

Abdramane further disclosed that Niger’s borders are closed, a nationwide curfew declared, and all institutions of the republic are suspended, adding that they will respect the President’s well-being.

Recall that a group of soldiers who appeared on the country’s national television Wednesday night, hours after the President of Niger Mohamed Bazoum was held in the presidential palace, declared that his government had been ousted from power.

The ECOWAS Community reacting to this said that the military takeover of the Niger Republic is condemnable from all ramifications, stating that there is no difference between election riggers and coup plotters.

The group made the call on Thursday during a briefing held in Abuja, with the theme: “Term Limit and the ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance”, reiterating that constant coup in the west african region brings regression

Giving the mass jubilation in Niger Republic following President Bazoum’s ouster, observers are hoping the Nigerian Judges handling the ongoing Presidential Petition case against Tinubu, APC and INEC, would be fair and work with evidence presented to them for justice to prevail

With millions of impoverished Nigerian youths feeling angry and deeply betrayed, the seeming tension in the air, suggest a battle ready hardened demography who now more than ever, seem ready to save their nation, at the slightest sign of the miscarriage of justice

SOURCE: Politics Nigeria, ioinews

IMAGE: Country Reports

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