New Monarch Emerges for Iree Community in Osun State

Following the dismissal of three monarchs in Osun State by Governor Ademola Adeleke due to contested selection processes, a new Oba-elect has emerged for the Iree community in Boripe Local Government. Prince Ibraheem Oyelakin, representing the Oyekun ruling house, has been selected to fill the vacant position.

This decision follows the directive for a fresh selection process issued by Governor Adeleke, targeting the reinstatement of stability and legitimacy within the affected communities.

In response to his selection, Prince Ibraheem Oyelakin expressed gratitude and extended appreciation to his fellow contestants and the community at large. He emphasized the importance of unity and reconciliation, urging all stakeholders to embrace the opportunity for a renewed era of cooperation and harmony. Recognizing the historical significance of the moment, the Oba-elect called for a collective effort to uphold the legacy of peace that characterizes the Iree kingdom.

Addressing the challenges of the past, Prince Oyelakin hinted on the need to move forward with a shared commitment to fostering a climate of mutual respect and understanding. He emphasized the strength of the bonds that unite the community, transcending past differences and divisions.

With a vision for a prosperous and cohesive future, the Oba-elect encouraged a collective recommitment to the values of peace and solidarity that define the Iree kingdom.

IMAGE: ResearGate

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