Nasarawa Speaker Advocates for Cultural Preservation and Embrace of Local Dialects for Unity

The Speaker of the Nasarawa House of Assembly, Danladi Jatau, emphasized the importance of preserving local dialects and culture during a New Year Cultural Celebration organized by the Eggon Cultural and Development Association in Lafia. He urged Eggon people and residents to cultivate the habit of communicating with children in their native languages to prevent the extinction of these dialects.

Mr Jatau highlighted the significance of the mother tongue for the upcoming generation, underscoring the need to teach children their native languages and maintain cultural vitality. In addition to promoting linguistic heritage, the speaker called on parents to actively engage with their children in their respective dialects.

He warned that neglecting this responsibility could lead to the endangerment of tribes and cultures. Mr Jatau also extended his plea for unity and collaboration, urging the Eggon people to work in harmony with other tribes for the overall development of Nasarawa and the country.

He emphasized the importance of supporting Governor Abdullahi Sule’s administration, commending the governor’s efforts and encouraging residents to contribute to the success of the government for the betterment of society.

Recognizing the diversity of the population, the speaker appealed for peaceful coexistence, emphasizing that the creation of numerous ethnic groups and religions was intentional. He stressed the need for unity, asserting that progress could only be achieved through collective efforts and collaboration among various tribes and religious communities.

Mr Jatau concluded by urging the Eggon people to continue praying and supporting Governor Sule’s administration to ensure the continued delivery of democratic dividends to the residents of Nasarawa.

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