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Kaduna State: Brazen-faced Terrorists Demand Autos, N40TRN Ransom for Abductees Release

Terrorists operating in the Gonin Gora region of Kaduna State have made a shocking demand for ransom, asking for 40 trillion naira, 11 Hilux vans, and 150 motorcycles in exchange for the release of 16 abducted individuals.

This demand, outlined by community leader John Yusuf, shows the grave situation faced by the victims’ families, who are grappling with the impossibility of meeting such exorbitant demands. Yusuf expressed the community’s disbelief at the magnitude of the demand, stating that even selling the entire community wouldn’t yield the required amount. Furthermore, he frowned at the unprecedented nature of the demand, noting that Nigeria has never had a budget of 40 trillion naira.

The Terrorists’ incursions have left the community reeling, with two separate attacks resulting in a total of 16 individuals being held captive. Yusuf described the vulnerability of the community, situated amidst vast expanses of bush that provide cover for the criminals’ activities.

Urging for government intervention, he called for the establishment of a military base in the area to stem the tide of attacks and provide much-needed security to residents. Despite acknowledging the efforts of the Nigerian Army in responding to distress calls, Yusuf stressed the challenges posed by the sheer size of the affected areas, which often allow the bandits to escape before security forces arrive.

The plea for assistance extends beyond immediate security measures, as community leaders implore both federal and state governments to take proactive steps to address the escalating threat of banditry. Recognizing the potential for the menace to engulf more communities, Yusuf stressed the urgency of preemptive action to prevent further suffering and loss.

IMAGE: Intels Region

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