Japan: Nagasaki Governor Faces Possible Sack after Abandoning Crucial State Meeting for Cristian Ronaldo Match

The governor of Nagasaki Prefecture, Kengo Oishi, has become embroiled in controversy as reports reveal his absence from a crucial meeting of Japan governors. Oishi opted to attend a football match featuring Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, Al Nassr FC, against Paris Saint-Germain on July 25 in Osaka, rather than participating in the governors’ gathering.

While Oishi asserted that he personally purchased the ticket, the prefectural government covered his travel and accommodation expenses.

Claiming to leverage the encounter with Ronaldo to benefit Nagasaki Prefecture’s publicity, Oishi’s invitation received no official response, according to city officials. The incident has triggered a divisive response online, with some vehemently urging Oishi’s resignation, accusing him of neglecting his duties and prioritizing personal interests over the region.

Critics argue that, as a public official, Oishi’s primary focus should be on fulfilling his professional obligations. Voices on platforms like FNN Prime Online emphasize that the governor’s actions were erroneous and assert that he should step down.

Simultaneously, a faction dismisses the incident as inconsequential, while acknowledging it as another instance of inappropriate conduct by elected officials, albeit relatively minor compared to ongoing scandals in Japanese politics.

During the July 25-26 prefectural leaders’ meeting in Yamanashi Prefecture, Nagasaki was represented by the deputy governor. The gathering addressed critical issues such as counteracting Japan’s declining birth rate, the diminishing rural population, and the impacts of global warming.

IMAGE: Asia Politics

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