London: Igbo Yoruba Unity Conference Unite Voices for Nigerian Advancement

In a historic move towards unity and solidarity, the Yoruba and Igbo communities are set to converge in a virtual conference on the 15th of January 2023. Scheduled at 19:00 London Time and 20:00 West African Time, this event aims to foster a shared sense of strength, courage, resourcefulness, and self-confidence among the two prominent Nigerian ethnic groups.

The theme, “Strong, courageous, resourceful, and self-confident people are never afraid of rivals or competitors,” resonates with the spirit of collaboration and mutual empowerment. The organizers believe that by speaking with one voice, the Yoruba and Igbo communities can overcome challenges and amplify their collective impact.

The virtual gathering will take place on the Zoom platform, allowing participants from around the world to join the discussion on building a stronger, more unified front. The conference is organized by the Fatherland Group, a platform committed to promoting cultural understanding, collaboration, and development.

To participate, interested individuals can access the conference through The link will serve as the virtual gateway to a dialogue that seeks to strengthen ties, foster understanding, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba and Igbo people.

IMAGE: X/@Dele Ogun

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