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Nigerians in UK Alert the World on Ongoing Genocide in Nigeria by Fulanis, as Critics Fault Igbo Yoruba Iduu Disunity

LONDON- Nigerians in the UK protested not too long ago at the entrance of the Nigerian Embassy in London, as frustrations continue to mount on the existencial threat posed by terrorist Fulanis on the Nigerian soil, a culturally arabised settler foreign Black tribe

For decades, reporting the mass killings of native Nigerians by invader Fulani herders streaming into the country unchecked, has always been futile as alleged murder reports never went pass police counters.

Nigerian victims of terrorist fulani invaders

Genocide of Nigerians in the middle belt by invader fulani herders

Since the inception of the Buhari government in 2015, himself a fulani, allegedly from Niger Republic, the murders have now taken a more diabolical turn, with critics pointing towards a politically disunited south with the Yoruba political class fingered as major culprit, following their shocking collusion with the arabised fulani led north to oust an indigenous Christian president from the South

The alarming decision by majority Yoruba elites to align politically with fulani settler non natives, instead of fellow cousin tribes in the south where they share similar beliefs and cultures, is now more than ever, going to be xrayed critically if the sovereignty and lives of the over 100 native tribes located in the South and middle belt of Nigeria, is to be firmly protected

SOURCE: Premium Times, online sources

IMAGE: Daily post

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