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“I will Imprison Buhari if I were President” – Chief Dan Ulasi

In a recent interview with AIT, Chief Dan Ulasi, a respected elder statesman, made headlines with a bold declaration regarding former President Buhari. Chief Ulasi asserted that, if elected president, his first official action would be to incarcerate Buhari at Kuje prison.

“If you make me the president today, my first act of government, he (Buhari) will be at Kuje prison. He has taken Nigeria 20 years back. His government is the most corrupt that ever passed through this country,” Chief Ulasi said during the interview.

He criticized Buhari’s administration as the most corrupt in Nigeria’s history, citing alleged financial mismanagement and regression of the nation’s progress.

During the interview, Chief Ulasi specifically pointed out instances of reported financial misconduct in Katsina, Buhari’s home state, implicating individuals associated with the former president’s administration. He emphasized the need for accountability, pointing to cases of alleged misappropriation of funds by government officials as indicative of broader systemic issues within the administration.

The elder statesman’s remarks have sparked discussions on political accountability and the responsibilities of leadership in Nigeria. While some view Chief Ulasi’s statement as a reflection of deep-seated frustration and dissatisfaction with governance, others see it as a call for greater transparency and effective governance practices to address systemic challenges facing the nation.

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