Niger State: Etsu Nupe, others Demand Constitutional Review to Safeguard Traditional Rulers Role

During the inauguration of the House of Representatives Committee on Constitution Review, traditional rulers voiced their concerns and suggestions regarding their roles and authority within the constitutional framework. Etsu Nupe, Yahaya Abubakar, emphasized the need for a constitutional review to delineate specific responsibilities for traditional rulers, advocating for their inclusion in the process of dethronement, involving kingmakers.

He highlighted instances where political motives influenced the removal of traditional rulers, noting the importance of preserving the institution’s integrity.

Abubakar further highlighted the necessity for traditional rulers to be empowered to address local and domestic issues effectively, emphasizing their pivotal role in societal matters. He criticized instances where governors clashed with traditional rulers over political affiliations, stressing the need to separate political interests from traditional governance.

Additionally, he expressed support for the establishment of state police, dismissing concerns about potential abuse by governors and emphasizing its potential to address security challenges.

Echoing similar sentiments, Tor Tiv, Prof James Ayatse, affirmed the essential role of traditional rulers in fostering national development and maintaining peace and unity. However, he lamented the lack of recognition for traditional rulers within the 1999 Constitution, calling for their proper representation in the ongoing constitutional review process.

Ayatse urged stakeholders to seize the opportunity to rectify this omission and ensure the constitutional acknowledgment of traditional rulers’ contributions to the nation’s progress.

IMAGE: Vanguard

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