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Enugu: Protest Takes a Bloody Turn, Three Lives Lost as Governor’s Dictator Posture Backfires

  • Peaceful protest by traders was co-opted and transformed into chaos

Enugu State is in a state of unrest following the alleged fatal shooting of three citizens during a protest in the bustling Coal City.

As reported earlier by news agents, local traders took to the streets on Wednesday morning in response to the State government’s decision to seal their businesses for not operating on Monday. In response to the escalating situation, security forces were dispatched to dissolve the crowd of protesters.

The initially peaceful demonstration is reported to have escalated into violence, resulting in at least three deaths. Video evidence show lifeless bodies of two young men and a woman. It is yet to be confirmed if the casualties were as a result of gunfire released by the security forces deployed

In a statement given to the press, the Public Relations Officer for the Enugu State Police Command, DSP Daniel Ndukwe, confirmed that the situation had been brought under control.

According to Ndukwe, the peaceful protest was co-opted and transformed into a violent incident. He urged the traders and other citizens to maintain peace and employ approved channels to express their grievances.

“Normalcy has returned to Ogbete Market in Enugu and its surrounding areas, following reports of a protest by some traders against the State Government’s sealing of their shops. The protest was also aimed at persuading others, whose shops were not sealed, to close theirs and have the entire market shut down,” Ndukwe said.

He further added, “The Commissioner of Police has ordered a comprehensive investigation, and any developments, particularly concerning the reported casualties, will be promptly communicated.”

SOURCE: DailyPost

IMAGE: The Guardian

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