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Elegbara Festival: Gani Adams Issues Cultural Wake-Up Call to Yorubas

The Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams, emphasized the importance of cultural preservation during the 2023 Edition of the Elegbara Festival in Shasha, Lagos. In his address, he urged the Yoruba people not to forsake their culture, tradition, and heritage, expressing concern over the impact of cultural neglect on the overall well-being of the Yoruba tribe

Gani Adams lamented the present challenges faced by the Yoruba people, attributing them to a departure from their cultural roots. He highlighted the adverse effects of ignorance on the community, leading to the abandonment of core values and identity. He called for concerted efforts to revive the glorious aspects of Yoruba culture and restore a sense of pride and purpose.

Acknowledging the constraints faced by the Yoruba people, Iba Adams stressed the necessity of returning to their roots and embracing the essential elements that define their identity. He expressed sadness that the Yoruba had seemingly lost the battle for cultural rejuvenation, living on past glories, and emphasized the urgency of reinventing a more culturally vibrant future.

Delving into the significance of the Elegbara Festival, Iba Adams addressed the audience with a speech titled “Elegbara: Unraveling the Mystery, Correcting the Misconceptions.” He shed light on Elegbara as a pivotal deity, describing it as the messenger of God and a powerful force guiding individuals on their life journeys.

The Yoruba generalissimo emphasized the global importance of Elegbara, positioning it as a deity with a crucial role in maintaining spiritual balance. He debunked misconceptions surrounding Elegbara, portraying it as a revered entity central to Yoruba culture.

Gani Adams pledged to continue correcting misconceptions about Elegbara and other Yoruba deities. As the Yoruba people embark on a journey of cultural redemption, he expressed confidence in being the torchbearers for future generations, preserving the rich heritage of the Yoruba race.

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