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Pa Edwin Clark Accuses State Governors of Deception, Says Most Wealthier Than Their States

Former Federal Commissioner for Information and South-South Leader, Pa Edwin Clark, has accused many state governors of using the position to amass wealth overnight to the extent of being wealthier than their states.

Clark, who stated these in his 688-page autobiography titled: “Brutally Frank,” regretted that corruption has been the undoing of Nigeria.

He said that many governors who were nowhere yesterday, have become so rich and powerful overnight because they were elected governors. He accused them of awarding contracts at inflated prices and taking 80% of the project for themselves, while only 20% goes to the state.

Clark also criticized the life pension laws that some governors have enacted for themselves, saying that they are irresponsible and a waste of taxpayers’ money. He cited the example of the life pension law introduced by former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu, which gives Tinubu free houses in Lagos and Abuja.

Clark called on the federal government to take steps to reduce corruption and ensure that state governors use their powers for the benefit of the people, not for their own enrichment.

SOURCE: Vanguard

IMAGE: NaijaNews

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