Education, a Fundamental for Traditional Rulers – Ubulu Unor Monarch 

In a meeting with a delegation from the Delta Online Publishers Forum (DOPF), Obi Henry Kikachukwu, the esteemed traditional ruler of Ubulu-Unor kingdom in Delta State, accentuated the profound influence of education and exposure on modern-day traditional leaders.

Delving into historical context, Obi Kikachukwu underscored the pivotal role of education and  knowledge in facilitating effective communication between traditional rulers and their constituents.

Recalling the colonial era’s necessity for interpreters in dialogues between rulers and colonial masters, the monarch highlighted the contemporary cadre of educated traditional leaders. Thanks to their educational backgrounds, they can adeptly convey government policies and programs to their communities, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

The monarch emphasized the proactive engagement of present-day kings, contrasting it with a bygone era when rulers were confined to their palaces. According to him, modern traditional rulers in Aniocha South actively contribute to developing a framework that facilitates government interaction with rural communities. Their mobility and commitment to pursuing ideas and reforms, he argued, play a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of their subjects.

Obi Kikachukwu, slated to participate as one of the discussants at the Delta Online Publishers Forum’s 4th Convention and Lecture Series themed “Fiscal Policy and Taxation: Balancing Revenue Generation and Economic Growth,” commended the forum’s dedication to addressing critical national issues. He praised their annual choice of themes, aimed at providing solutions, contributing to good governance, and fostering a democratic culture.

Expressing optimism about the potential impact of research-backed contributions from groups like the Delta Online Publishers Forum, the royal leader suggested that recognizing and incorporating these insights could substantially address the myriad challenges currently facing the nation.

IMAGE: Nigeria News

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