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Chukwuemeka: Igbo Unity Vlogger Threathened by Sinister Benin Groups

  • Sinister groups allegedly from Benin, are threatening the life of Chukwuemeka, Nnaa Mhenn TV Igbo Unity Vlogger
  • The Igbo is amongst the 3 largest tribes of Africa. Africa has over 3,000 tribes
  • Igbo and her subsets with varied language dialects, litter all parts of south south, Benue and Kogi states
  • The segmentation of the Igbos into different states, is seen by many, as a subtle intentional move for division, weaken the old eastern region & inflict soft genocide

A young and dynamic igbo unification advocate Mazi Chukwuemeka, known as (Nna Mehmen), has been crying out for help following a constant threat to his life by some group. According to him, this sinister group has threatened to deal with him for preaching and advocating for igbo unity.

The dynamic igbo unity advocate in a video posted on Nnaa Meh Tv, cried for help from well wishers and all igbos world wide

He said the threat is coming from a group in Benin kingdom. He is a disciplined and noble igbo unity proponent. He does not preach for ‘war’ or hatred. All he is after is the unification and togetherness of the igbo tribe, and for them to speak with one voice.

This attack on this young and vibrant peace loving igbo unity proponent is just one out of numerous barrages of threat on ndi igbo

During and after the 2023 general elections, ndi igbo were aggressively threatened and attacked by individuals both online and offline. These individuals include; a formal Niger Delta militant and close associate of legitimacy embattled Nigerian president, Ahmed Tinubu

In a viral video posted on YouTube in August, Mr Dokubo, wearing a T-shirt with ‘American Eagle’, said,

“The Igbo people do not know their roots. They don’t have respect for who bought their father. You think every Kalabari man is a Kalabari man. Igbos, I don’t know them. If not for British intervention, I will still be selling them the way my father sold them.”

He added, “See how the Igbo people are dying. They keep saying that I have run away. Look at me; I’m here. E be like say una dey look for who go look for una finish una. Look for una everywhere finish una.”

For Mc Oluomo;

It is not a fight. It is not wahala (a problem). What do we want to correct it? Our PVC. And we will stand there. Yoruba should get there first and should vote first.

“When we finish voting, we’ll be watching because we have begged you and you said you have heard. If you make a mistake, you will understand. Please tell them, we have begged them. If they don’t vote for us, it is not a fight. Tell them that, Chukwudi’s mother, if you don’t for us, sit down at home. Do you understand? Sit down at home,”

The worrisome trend of attacking the Igbo tribe, is a calculated move by a few characters whose long-range goal is primarily the grab of power for self. As Nigeria, a nation with over 300 sub-ethnic nationalities continue to mentally readjust after the horror of The Berlin Conference of 1885 where foreigners violated our natural ethnic boundaries; the goal must now be to alert all tribes in and out of Nigeria, on the deviant behaviour of those habitual attackers of the Igbos

The world’s biggest Black nation, Nigeria, is at a cross road with self, and the bold attack of likeable Chukwuemeka of Nnaa Mehn TV, vlogger and lover of Igbo unity, highlights the pink elephant in the room- tribalists with genociding mindset- all concerned citizens of Nigeria must come together to sternly address, once and for all

EDITOR: Ekpo Larry

IMAGE: Nnaa Mehn Tv

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