Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu: Ohaneze Women Welcome World Leader in London, ex-Gov Madueke Presents AutoBiography

  • Owns over 20 companies, an accomplished construction engineer, Biafran war veteran, 3 times Nigerian presidential aspirant, philanthropist and owner Heartland FC Owerri
  • Contrived a novel design for producing a barge with a composite section of empty engine oil drums
  • Nigerian Ministry of Works approved Iwuanyanwu’s asphaltic concrete design mixture for use in airport runways and motor highways construction in Nigeria
  • Promised to chart a new pathway, wrapped around African culture for the Igbo collective
  • Ex military Governor Madueke, presents written autobiography, gives endearing advice to Igbo youths

LONDON – Engineer Stanley Okechukwu,s Ohaneze UK,s womens wing, comprising some of the most accomplished Igbo daughters residing in the UK, including ex Abia state governorship aspirant from Isiukwuato LGA, Chief Dr Ngozika Johnson-Ogbuneke, gathered in London Saturday 22nd to officially welcome it’s new world leader and giant in the Nigerian business space, Chief Dr Engr Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu

The symbolic event which took place in the RC church in Edmonton North London, saw notable dignitaries in the world of busines, arts, finance, tech, medicine and even ordained traditional title holders of Igboland, flying in to grace the occasion

The Pride of the Igbo nation: Igbo women, from all over the UK welcome Chief Iwuanyanwu in London

Chief Iwuanyanwu, age 80-years old, who momentarily stood up to warmly thank all at the occasion for the show of love surprisingly took the opportunity to share the spotlight with another illustrious igbo son in attendance, ex military governor of old Anambra state rtd Rear Admiral Allison Madueke.

Iwuanyanwu eulogised the former Anambra Governor who ( ex gov Madueke) swelled the joyous mood of the occasion with a presentation of his written autobiography ( Riding the STORMS), to the delighted audience whilst giving valuable life’s advice to all. Audio message of ex gov Madueke below.

Former Governor of old Anambra state rtd Rear Admiral Allison Madueke gives advice to Igbo youths

As the audience gave tribal cheers and clapping approvals of Iwuanyanwu,s ascension as leader of the Igbos race worldwide, he in turn had good news to share for an economically dorminant tribe who collectively share a sense of struggle and oneness

Abia governorship race ex contestant, Chief Dr Ngozika Gladys Johnson- Ogbuneke prays for the Igbos and Nigeria

Iwuanyanwu enjoyed the Igbos to not only focus on individual financial pursuits, which seem to be the norm, but to also in unison, work for the prosperity and wellbeing of the collective as warmly encouraged by the ancient igbo adage ( onye a’hana nwanne ya), in English, “Always be serviceable to the collective”

Recall a supposed official statement made by Ohaneze during the presidential election denouncing support for Labour Party’s Peter Obi’s presidential bid; Chief Iwuanyanwu slammed it as false, a postion pushed publicly by an impostor group with sinister motives, reiterating that Ohaneze Worldwide was fully behind their son Peter Obi, stating further that it was the turn of the South east to produce Nigeria’s president and Obi was the best available hand to rally behind

He also spoke about numerous impactful projects in the works, backed by data and scientific research, to ascertain how best to position the igbos for long term prosperity

Iwuanyanwu lamented the uninspiring divisions amongst the Igbos and disturbing levels of cultural decay now prevalent amongst its youths, promising to involve the most knowledgeable minds to study these malaise with the goal of holistically addressing these issues

Chief Iwuanyanwu’s audio message in Igbo language below.

Ohaneze UK leader Engr Stanley, women’s leader , Chief Iwuanyanwu, ex-Gov Madueke, Ohaneze male member

The symbolic event had Ohaneze sister organisations all over the UK including Scotland and Wales in attendance

SOURCE/ AUDIO: Editor ioinews ( igbo oodua iduu news media)

IMAGE: Ekpo | ioinews UK

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