Charly Boy’s Bold Ultimatum: No Surrender, Even If Peter Obi Concedes Defeat

Renowned Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, has issued a warning to the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, urging him not to concede defeat to President Bola Tinubu. Currently, Obi and the Labour Party are legally contesting President Tinubu’s victory.

Charly Boy made it clear that even if Obi decides to withdraw his complaints against President Tinubu at the Presidential Election Tribunal, he and other supporters of the Labour Party would not accept such an outcome. He expressed unwavering determination for a better Nigeria, stating that it must be achieved “by any means necessary.”

The activist hinted that the country was ripe for a revolution and suggested that if the judiciary fails to deliver justice, Obi’s supporters would consider alternative methods. Taking to his Twitter account, Charly Boy wrote, “You know something? Even if Peter Okwute Obi tells us to move on from the fraudulent 2023 election that Yakubu messed up, loyal supporters will not accept it. I have been telling people that what needs to happen in Nigeria has long been overdue compared to Peter Obi. Nigeria must experience improvement forcefully if necessary. Supporters of a new Nigeria, take note. Our focus is on the judiciary. If they decide to mess things up, we know what to do.”

Charly Boy is urging Peter Obi not to give up the fight against President Tinubu’s victory, emphasizing that he and other supporters of the Labour Party will not accept defeat. He suggests that if the judicial system fails to bring justice, they will explore alternative means to pursue their goals.

SOURCE: Naija News

IMAGE: Intel Region

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