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Biafra Government in Exile Introduces Biafracoin amid Naira Crisis

The Biafra Republic Government in Exile, under the leadership of Mazi Simon Ekpa, has announced a significant development in response to the ongoing Naira crisis. In a statement released on Wednesday via his official platform, Ekpa disclosed that Biafrans have voted to establish a digital currency known as Biafracoin.

This decision follows the recent enactment of the Biafra Digital Currency Act 04/2024, empowering the government to issue Biafracoin as the official digital currency for Biafrans.

According to Ekpa, the value of 1 Biafracoin is pegged at 1 US Dollar, offering stability amidst the volatility of the Naira in the foreign exchange market. Encouraging Biafrans to invest in Biafracoin, he emphasized its future presence on the global stock exchange market and its acceptance in cryptocurrency transactions worldwide.

The adoption of Biafracoin marks a strategic move by the Biafra Republic government in Exile to provide its citizens with a reliable digital currency alternative.

With the recent unveiling of a voting portal garnering over three million votes for the Biafra Referendum, the decision to establish Biafracoin reflects the collective will of the Biafran populace and their determination to navigate economic challenges effectively.

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