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Benue State: Agatu Monarch Laments Fulani Terrorism and FG’s Inaction as another Helpless15 Die

  • In february 2016, over 500 Agatu Idoma natives were massacred by invading fulani terrorists

The Monarch of Agatu in Benue State, Godwin Onah, has confirmed a tragic incident involving gunmen in the Ugboju community on January 31, 2024. According to Onah, at least nine individuals lost their lives in the attack. Additionally, he reported that several girls were initially abducted during the assault, although they have since been released.

Detailing the severity of the situation, Onah described the attack as substantial, noting that it occurred without provocation on a small community. The assault, which occurred around 5:30 PM the previous evening, resulted in the loss of lives and the temporary abduction of several girls who had ventured out to fetch water.

Onah also highlighted concerns regarding the influx of terrorists into the area, particularly through the neighboring Gwer West Local Government Area. He emphasized the need for increased security measures, suggesting the deployment of military personnel to mitigate further threats.

Despite attempts to gather more information on the incident, the Benue State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, Catherine Anene, could not be reached for comment at the time of reporting.

Benue State has been grappling with a series of terror attacks attributed to suspected herdsmen and criminal gangs, resulting in significant casualties and widespread displacement. The surge in violence has left many residents displaced, with numerous individuals seeking refuge in makeshift camps across the state.

Moreover, economic hardships compounded by policy changes, including the removal of fuel subsidies, have exacerbated the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs), particularly those with disabilities residing in the camps. This socioeconomic strain further underscores the urgency for comprehensive measures to address the security and humanitarian challenges facing affected communities in Benue State.

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