Bauchi Man Arrested for Setting Girl Ablaze over Alleged Witchcraft 

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A man from Bauchi State, Nigeria, has been arrested for allegedly setting a young girl on fire due to suspicion of witchcraft. The tragic incident has sparked outrage among locals and human rights organizations, calling for stringent measures against those involved in such heinous acts.

According to local news reports, the accused, whose identity has not been disclosed, had suspected the victim of practicing witchcraft. He allegedly doused the girl with petrol and set her ablaze in an attempt to “cleanse” her of the evil spirits he believed she possessed. The girl, whose age and identity have also not been revealed, sustained severe burns and is currently receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.

The police have apprehended the suspect and launched a thorough investigation into the matter. The state’s Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sylvester Abiodun Alabi, confirmed the arrest and assured the public that the perpetrator would be brought to justice. He also urged citizens to desist from taking the law into their hands and to report any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities.

Cases of witchcraft accusations and related violence have been a recurring issue in Nigeria. Despite the existence of laws prohibiting such acts, instances of vigilante justice and persecution continue to occur, often targeting vulnerable individuals, including women and children.

Human rights organizations and local advocacy groups have condemned the incident, calling on the government to take urgent action to address the issue of witch-hunt and superstition-based violence. They also stressed the need for increased public awareness and education on the dangers of such beliefs, as well as the importance of respecting human rights and the rule of law.

As the investigation continues, it is hoped that this tragic incident will serve as a wake-up call for the authorities and the public alike, further emphasizing the need to eradicate harmful practices and beliefs that endanger the lives and well-being of innocent individuals.

It is essential to note that the prevalence of witchcraft accusations and related violence is often fueled by negative portrayals of African cultural practices in the media and movies. Therefore, there is a pressing need to educate Nigerians about our native cultural identity and the harm that the media and movie industry are doing by demonizing what is naturally ours. By promoting a more positive perspective on our cultural heritage, we can help dispel myths and harmful beliefs that lead to violence against innocent individuals. It is time for us to celebrate and embrace our diverse cultural practices while promoting respect for human rights and the rule of law.

SOURCE: Peoples Gazette

IMAGE:  Illustrative, Online

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