Ballon d’Or Awards: Nigerian Star Rema Headlines as First African to Perform

In a groundbreaking moment for African music, Rema became the first African artist to grace the stage of the prestigious Ballon d’Or awards in 2023. The night was set ablaze by his stellar performance, marking a historic milestone in his career.

His chart-topping hit, ‘Calm Down’, which featured the renowned Selena, resonated with the audience and left football players and fans alike in awe.

The event was not only a celebration of Rema’s musical prowess but also a testament to his global recognition. A viral photo featuring Rema, the talented singer alongside the esteemed football player Didier Drogba, one of the hosts of the show, circulated widely on social media, capturing the essence of the memorable evening.

Rema’s journey to the Ballon d’Or stage was documented on his Instagram stories, where he shared a video of himself strolling through the enchanting streets of Paris, France, the backdrop for the celebrated French football award ceremony.

Rema’s impact reverberated beyond the awards night, showcasing his influence in the music industry. His latest EP, ‘Ravage’, released on Friday, October 26, 2023, swiftly made waves globally. Within a few hours of its release, the EP achieved remarkable success, debuting on the charts in over 50 countries.

This achievement underscored Rema’s continued ascent to musical stardom, solidifying his position as a prolific and influential artist on the international stage.


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