Badagry Constituents Urged to Embrace Cultural Revival

In a bid to safeguard their cultural heritage, the indigenes of Badagry were encouraged to preserve their rich traditions by Sesi Whingan, the representative of Badagry federal constituency in the House of Representatives.

Whingan emphasized the significance of cultural preservation in maintaining the identity of a community. The advice was imparted during the grand finale of the second edition of the Jeke Dance annual festival in Ikoga-Zebbe, Badagry.

Mr. Whingan underscored the importance of projecting and appreciating their cultural heritage, expressing the belief that such efforts would serve as a model for future generations. He asserted that forsaking one’s culture equates to losing one’s identity and urged the community to embrace and uphold their traditions wherever they are.

The relaunch of the Jeke Dance festival was commended by the lawmaker, who acknowledged the collective dedication of those who invested their time, energy, and resources into the event.

According to Oluranti Segbeyon, Head of the Department of Sociology at Lagos State University, the encroachment of civilization has led people to forget their roots and cultural traditions. He stressed the uniqueness of indigenous languages and customs, emphasizing that preserving one’s language is essential for maintaining a distinct identity.


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