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Arab Religion Adherent Instigate Online Death Calls on Davido, amid Worry over Destructive African Fascination for Foreign Religions

In a worrying turn of events, Nigerian superstar Davido has become the target of a religiously charged smear campaign. The instigator, a Twitter user named Sarki Sultan, and other Muslims have taken offense to a recent music video in which Davido depicted Muslims dancing and praying. The artist’s creative choice has been taged as an affront to Islam by Sarki Sultan and others, who have embarked on a disruptive crusade against the singer

Sultan’s questionable attack on Davido has escalated to disturbing levels, with TikTok videos featuring him burning Davido’s posters and warning that the artist could face “lynching” if he visits the northern regions of Nigeria. He further calls for an apology and has insisted that no Northerner should engage with the artist’s music until such is received.

Nigerian adherents of the arab religion burn an image depiction of African music star Davido

Countering Sarki Sultan, natives of the Middle Belt, who are largely Christians, have pushed back on the mischievious idea of a united culturally homogenous North typically pushed by dubious northern politicians seeking to intimidate Southern Nigerians.

Middle Belterns, also known as the NOK people, have severally stated clearly that they are not part of the arab religion leaning North, have a distinct seperate identity and are culturally African

With the persistent need for Nigerian adherents of the Arab religion to continiously intimidate and threaten fellow Nigerians at the slighten whim, observers are worried why native religion practioners, the true religion of Africans, are silent on a matter so grave, demanding they stand up and begin to assert themselves against the existencial threat posed by a foreign ideology in an African space

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IMAGE: Twitter: @Sarki Sultan

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