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Traumatized Anambra Traders Count Losses as Blaze Destroy 30 Shops Worth over N300 Million

In an unfortunate incident, a section of Nkpor Main market in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra state succumbed to a fierce blaze during the early hours of Wednesday. The fire, originating from a cold room shop, swiftly consumed approximately 30 shops laden with diverse goods such as paints, curtains, gum, shoe leathers, shoe polish, wines, hot drinks, and thinners.

Market authorities, led by Chairman Chief Paul Okafor, reported damages exceeding N300 million, emphasizing the immediate need for assistance to aid affected traders in their recovery.

Expressing deep concern over the incident, Chief Jude Nwankwo, a patron of Anambra Markets Amalgamated Traders Association, extended sympathy to the victims and urged governmental bodies, individuals, and groups to lend their support. Nwankwo further proposed proactive measures, suggesting that market leaders equip their establishments with fire extinguishers to mitigate potential losses, particularly during nighttime emergencies.

Despite attempts to reach the state Fire Chief, Martin Agbili, for comment, his phone remained inaccessible, underscoring the urgency for enhanced firefighting infrastructure in the region.

The aftermath of the fire prompted the market leader, Chief Paul Okafor, to call upon both the state and local governments, as well as philanthropic individuals and groups, to assist the affected traders in swiftly resuming their business activities. Okafor also underscored the necessity of establishing firefighting resources under the Nkpor main market flyover bridge, serving as a vital measure to safeguard the three major markets in close proximity.

Chief Nwankwo’s suggestion to implement fire safety measures at the market level was echoed, emphasizing the importance of preventive measures to safeguard against future incidents, particularly during the festive season.

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