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Akwa Ibom: Illegal Miners Devastates Habitat as NSCDC Issues Warning

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Akwa Ibom has issued a stern warning against illegal mining activities in the state. Commandant Eluyemi Eluwade emphasized the severity of the issue during a recent engagement with stakeholders in the mining sector. He stressed that such unauthorized activities would be viewed as sabotage, warranting severe consequences for offenders.

Eluwade reiterated the exclusive authority of the Federal Government in granting mining licenses, as mineral resources fall under the Exclusive Legislative List. He reiterated that mining operations without proper licensing would be considered a violation of national economic interests. Additionally, he highlighted the obligation of license holders, whether individuals or companies, to adhere to environmental reclamation measures post-excavation.

Noting the environmental ramifications, Eluwade pointed out the significant degradation caused by illegal mining operations in the state. His recent site visits revealed alarming environmental scars, necessitating urgent collaborative efforts to address the issue. He emphasized that it is important for all stakeholders to prioritize environmental stewardship and uphold regulatory compliance in mining activities.

He emphasized the collective responsibility of license holders, both foreign and domestic, to not only obtain proper authorization but also to actively engage in land reclamation efforts.


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