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Akwa Ibom Govt Accelerates Progress on Ibom Deep Seaport Initiative

The advancement of the Ibom Deep Seaport project in Akwa Ibom State has gained momentum with the recent repositioning of the technical committee overseeing its implementation. Governor Umo Eno has reiterated this commitment by providing the committee with a dedicated office space located in the state-owned Dakkadda Towers. This move aims to equip the committee with the necessary resources and environment conducive to driving the realization of the deep seaport project.

Governor Umo Eno noted the significance of this step, highlighting concurrent efforts such as the contract award for the construction of the Orukim-Unyenghe-Universal Energy Road leading to the Ibom Deep Seaport site. These initiatives, coupled with the allocation of the new office space, reflect the state government’s earnest endeavor to propel the seaport project forward. The governor expressed optimism about attracting investors and reigniting activities essential for the project’s success.

Chairing the Technical Committee on the Implementation of Ibom Deep Seaport, Mfon Usoro extended gratitude to Governor Umo Eno for the provision of office accommodation and other forms of support. Usoro emphasised the significance of the project in positioning Akwa Ibom State as a prominent maritime hub with global relevance, fostering economic connectivity across West and Central Africa.

IMAGE: The Guardian

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