2023 Presidencial Election- : Tribunal Admits Evidence Proving INEC Server Had No Glitches on Election Day

The Election Tribunal has admitted crucial evidence that demonstrates the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) server experienced no glitches during the election day. This development comes amid allegations of election manipulation in the closely contested gubernatorial race.

The evidence, presented by the petitioner’s counsel, shows that the INEC server functioned seamlessly throughout the election. The petitioner’s team argues that this contradicts the electoral body’s earlier claims of server malfunctions, casting doubt on the credibility of the election results.

During the tribunal session, the petitioner’s counsel provided server logs, expert witness testimony, and technical reports, all pointing to the server’s uninterrupted functionality. This evidence counters INEC’s previous assertion that server issues prevented the accurate transmission and collation of results, leading to discrepancies in the final tally.

The admission of this crucial evidence by the tribunal is a significant development for the petitioner, who alleges that the server malfunction claims were a pretext to manipulate the election results in favor of the incumbent.

INEC has consistently maintained its stance on server issues, stating that technical difficulties led to the delay in announcing the election results. However, the electoral body has yet to provide any concrete evidence to support its claims.

As the Election Tribunal continues its investigation into the alleged electoral malpractices, this latest development has the potential to change the course of the case. The petitioner’s counsel is expected to present further evidence to support their claims, while INEC will likely face renewed scrutiny over its handling of the election.

The outcome of the tribunal’s investigation could have far-reaching implications for the political landscape of Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate and the credibility of INEC as an independent electoral body. With tensions already high following the contested election results, the tribunal’s decision will be closely watched by political observers and the general public alike.

SOURCE: World News Agencies. ICIR

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